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Bellingham State of Mind

September 17, 2010

We gots to give some major domo props to ‘Bellingham State of Mind’ – a really fun video directed by Chris Patton and starring Nathan Cox and Rashawn Scott. Further proof that with minimal gear and a flamethrower full of imagination, you can create something truly spectacular. Respect.


TV Spot Shot on an iPhone 4

July 2, 2010

Here’s an interesting test by FLF Films: check out what is being billed as the first national TV commercial shot on an iPhone. What’s especially interesting is the shot taken from a remote control helicopter.

You can only see 360 video on the iPhone itself, but connect it to a PC and it outputs full 720p.  (Hat Tip to Tim Wilson on the Creative Cow Blogs):

The verdict? The iPhone’s not going to replace the RED or even the Canon 7D anytime soon, but it’s a fun experiment, especially with a piece of hardware you can carry in your hip pocket. And make a phone call with. And…….

Yes, Virginia, there is an app for that. What do you think?

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HCF Blog: The Editorial Calendar

July 1, 2010

Sure, Hand Crank Films is a film production company. But what we’re really about is telling stories and making the connection. Engaging people just enough so that they feel inclined to take the next step, to act, to do.

We have the same goal with this blog. Not only do we want to sharpen our own craft by exploring new ideas and hearing from our community, but we want to share things that we find especially interesting – not just to film makers but to marketers and other story tellers as well. So that we grow in the work we accomplish.

To that end – we’ve come up with a simple Editorial Calendar. This calendar will not only help us keep on track and provide some structure to what we want to say – but it will give our audience some sense of what you can expect as well.

So right now we plan on posting about 3 X a week, with the following as a guideline:

  • Monday: Marketing Conversation – how to perpetuate story.
  • Wednesday: What we find of note in the tech world, both in film and elsewhere.
  • Friday: Good Work – content we’ve ran across in the last week or so that we find inspiring and useful.

Now doubt we’ll stray now and again – but this should provide us with a good starting point. Any other ideas?

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Working with Clients: What Makes Us So Special?

June 24, 2010

Two really good reads have been circulating through the HCF offices lately:  Seth Godin’s Linchpin and Richard Branson’s Business Stripped Bare. Both are seriously good summer books to lay your teeth into if you’ve got a desire to drive business.

But what does that have to do with film making? Though it’s true we like to think of ourselves as ‘artists’, at the end of the day we’re a service company. The service we provide our clients either makes us or breaks us.

So we’ve been turning everything upside down to help determine ‘What makes us so special?’ Both Branson and Godin continually talk about creating something ‘unique’ and ‘remarkable’, and our goal is to have this resonate just not in our end product, but in the entire client experience. That’s how Branson has succeeded in being one of this era’s greatest entrepreneurs: he’s taken an exceptional service platform and applied it across a number of industries, from music to airlines to banking. That’s how Godin has differentiated himself: by being unique and remarkable and suggesting every one of us be a ‘purple cow’.

That’s our challenge: being exceptional. Tell us how we’re doing.

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