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Bellingham State of Mind

September 17, 2010

We gots to give some major domo props to ‘Bellingham State of Mind’ – a really fun video directed by Chris Patton and starring Nathan Cox and Rashawn Scott. Further proof that with minimal gear and a flamethrower full of imagination, you can create something truly spectacular. Respect.


9/11 Happened to Us All

September 10, 2010

We had no idea when we were first contacted by CAIR that our 3 Muslim first responder ads would create such buzz. Not only did they make the front page of Yahoo News – where they were viewed by close to half a million people – but they were also featured on numerous news outlets, including CNN which you can watch below.

The takeaway? Never underestimate the power of story.  Our ‘9/11 Happened to Us All’ theme resonates with huge audiences and communicates a message that is important for us all to hear. Especially now.

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Hand Crank Films Tapped for Ground Zero Mosque PSA’s

September 1, 2010

Why were we in the Big Apple last week? To shoot a series of spots for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to highlight the fact that people of all colors and religions were tragically affected by 9/11. This includes Muslims.

Check out the first of 3  spots here. We think they’re pretty powerful.

Thoughts? Ideas? We’d love to hear from you.

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Knocking on the Doors of Perception

August 31, 2010

Google doesn’t have a lock on ingenuity. But it does own at least a full city block as reflected in their latest Google Labs experiment with HTML 5, film and music video, and the band Arcade Fire. The accomplishment? Folding your world into their story.

Check out the future of story-telling here:

Suggestion: Use the Google Chrome Browser with high connection speeds. If the address of your childhood home doesn’t have enough info via Google Maps, pick another location you know well.

Enjoy the trip. (Kudos to filmmaker Chris Milk)

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Taking a Bite of the Big Apple

August 24, 2010

A few of the HCF team are off to NYC this week to create some PSA’s centered around the whole ‘Mosque at Ground Zero’ debate. The spots promise to be thought provoking, especially given the media attention and overall heat this topic has generated the last few weeks.

Stay tuned for more late breaking news. In the meantime, you can always watch Ol’ Blue Eyes wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep.

PeaceHealth Saint Joseph Medical Center

July 15, 2010

I’m pretty jazzed to post this new ad – which was done in concert with advertising agency Baron & Co (props to Chris Bothell and Jason Glover). Be sure to go full screen:

This was shot on the Red camera, and shows just how high digital quality has gotten over the last few years. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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The Beauty of Simplicity

July 9, 2010

File this under ‘Cool Stuff We Are Watching – and Learning From’. Open to wide screen to view:

This is a brilliant spot that doesn’t use a lot of trickery or special effects beyond a split screen. Instead, the story is told beautifully, slowly, elegantly. Oh yeah, and the music helps too.

Hats off to Radiohead, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking), and Oscar-winning cinematographer John Seale and director Steve Rogers. Some serious major props here.

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Seeing Red: The Red EPIC Camera Back in Action

July 7, 2010

Over here at HCF, we’re known to get pretty excited when something as minor as a new version of iTunes is released. So imagine our general giddiness when we learned that the Red EPIC camera – perhaps the most advanced digital motion picture camera in the world – is back on track to deliver to our offices by Fall. High-end camera manufacturer RED announced that the software “bug” holding up production of their new EPIC and Scarlet cameras has been identified and squashed. Eureka.

What does this mean to our customers and partners? Combining powerful storytelling with advanced technology is key to what we do. Read the entire story about the camera here.

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Film Marketing Case Study: Knight & Day

July 5, 2010

From a 10,000 foot view, you’d probably bet that a movie starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz and overflowing with a slew of stunts suffering from ADD would be a top money maker at the box office. I mean, why not – it’s the perfect recipe for the Big Summer Blockbuster. But the truth is, Knight & Day, released on June 23rd, hasn’t lit it up like expected – with a mere $38 million take against $120 million cost.

No doubt, there’s a ton of head shaking going on – and maybe even a little finger pointing. This was, after all, supposed to be the resurgence of Cruise – who’s faced his share of issues with the press. But what’s the real reason? As famed screenwriter William Goldman once said, “Nobody knows a S#H&#T in Hollywood”, so we may never know. Audiences can be fickle.

But there’s a very provocative discussion about the marketing behind the movie in the LA Times – where Chief Marketer Tony Sella actually takes the blame (he notes that the above poster, for example, just didn’t connect with audiences).You gotta love a guy who’s man enough to take a bullet.

Our bet? It takes more than an adrenalin laced screenplay to knock it out of the park (there were almost a dozen writers who worked on the project. Lesson: Quantity does not equal quality.). What it still takes is a deft touch with story.  What it still takes is the human connection. Combine that with starpower, and maybe you’ve got something.

As far as blockbusters go, I’ll take Iron Man 2 any day. You?

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TV Spot Shot on an iPhone 4

July 2, 2010

Here’s an interesting test by FLF Films: check out what is being billed as the first national TV commercial shot on an iPhone. What’s especially interesting is the shot taken from a remote control helicopter.

You can only see 360 video on the iPhone itself, but connect it to a PC and it outputs full 720p.  (Hat Tip to Tim Wilson on the Creative Cow Blogs):

The verdict? The iPhone’s not going to replace the RED or even the Canon 7D anytime soon, but it’s a fun experiment, especially with a piece of hardware you can carry in your hip pocket. And make a phone call with. And…….

Yes, Virginia, there is an app for that. What do you think?

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