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PeaceHealth Saint Joseph Medical Center

July 15, 2010

I’m pretty jazzed to post this new ad – which was done in concert with advertising agency Baron & Co (props to Chris Bothell and Jason Glover). Be sure to go full screen:

This was shot on the Red camera, and shows just how high digital quality has gotten over the last few years. Take a look and let us know what you think.

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Seeing Red: The Red EPIC Camera Back in Action

July 7, 2010

Over here at HCF, we’re known to get pretty excited when something as minor as a new version of iTunes is released. So imagine our general giddiness when we learned that the Red EPIC camera – perhaps the most advanced digital motion picture camera in the world – is back on track to deliver to our offices by Fall. High-end camera manufacturer RED announced that the software “bug” holding up production of their new EPIC and Scarlet cameras has been identified and squashed. Eureka.

What does this mean to our customers and partners? Combining powerful storytelling with advanced technology is key to what we do. Read the entire story about the camera here.

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New “Pioneer Storage” Spot on EX1

January 29, 2010

This spot, just out, was shot entirely on our EX1 by Chris Koser, and myself. Chris came up with the main concept – he’s so good at that!!

Anyhow, it was a full-day shoot that we split between two different ads that we made for the client. The client was very cool and open to our ideas. I particularly like the shot of the car being worked on by the owner. That was just an HMI in the window and a bunch of Kino’s hidden around the room to give punch.

We shot a bunch of this on our EZFX jib – man has that been a workhorse. Used it in almost every single shoot with every single camera we’ve ever had. I’m thinking of buying the extended arm for it so we can go to 20′.

The only shot that drives me nuts is the one with the guy smiling about his RV. This one just wasn’t lit enough and because it was shot on the EX1 we didn’t have the latitude to bring him out in post. Unfortunately, doing a motion key on him wasn’t in the budget, since that would have probably worked. In the end it is okay, but I think he just doesn’t pop enough.


New “Wound Clinic” Spot for St. Joseph Hospital

January 29, 2010

This spot, also shot on the RED, was a bit more run & gun. This spot was also produced with Baron & Co.

Shot in only a half-day, this spot gives a real feel as to why the RED is so great. We barely had any time to light and yet with just one HMI we were still able to get some cool looking shots that we were then able to have a field day with in Apple Color.

I’m pretty sure we shot this all with our 18-50 lens – a real overall workhorse for quick shooting.


New “Ross Boice” RED Spot for St. Joseph Hospital

January 29, 2010

See the spot here.

We produced this spot with Baron & Co. Kudos to Baron & Co. for their time in researching a good subject for this spot, and putting together a good set of locations for us to shoot at. We spent a few days working the script with Chris Bothel and Jason Glover, then we did storyboards of the spot, then the storyboards were sent off to a guy known only as Miller who cleaned them up a bunch for the end client and made them pretty. We pretty much had the spots finished before we even shot.

We shot nearly whole thing on the RED with our 18-50 mm 2.8 lens, with a few of the longer shots with a Zeiss 2.1 100mm from Oppenheimer Cine that we really like. We were lucky with a few good-looking sun days even in December. For lighting we used all HMI lights from Tom Ensign. We also did some outdoor HMI stuff which I really like the look of. We tried to light the golfball in the field but the HMI had too much flicker with the little suitcase monitor – in the end it turned out okay with just the sun.

We spent a lot of time in Apple Color. In one shot – the one with Ross on the left hand of the screen, looking right – we had to actually motion key his color to make him pop since the HMI wasn’t aimed properly at him. Worked very well after a bit of tinkering.

The RED, Apple Color workflow is so great, and has saved us so much time that we barely even think of workflow problems anymore. A big change from when we started working with this camera.

Overall, a great shoot and a cool-looking end product.


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